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Has technology improved your interactions with your city?
Get me there! : - )
Updated: Mar 27, 2015 Heather K21
Get me there! : - )
Sea area bus - check out the lovely skyline!

When I 1st moved to the Seattle area, I 1st started using public transport regularly... omggg.... the sloggg!

You had to have the right route pamphlet to know a bus' times, and had to best guess that out or call (&wait&wait&wait) - and don't even get me started on transfers... especially between bus systems (which around there were needed a lot). Seattle area was actually better for this than Georgia (except for MARTA, which really was SMARTA ;-))!

Then, MetroKC started to get wise to this thing called the Internet and put out a tripplanner site - Ok,so it was buggy as heck for like the first few years of rollout.Ok,so an intern @ most co's could have done it better.

Whatever, it was lightyears better than all the calls and wishes that previously went into busing! Suddenly, planning out a trip wasn't a big roadblock to going on it.

Flash forward to now & there's an array of sites to help w/ this + Tripplanner's still chugging - Color this rider's life much improved! ; - )

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