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Has technology improved your interaction with your city?
Yes..but perhaps not in the most constructive ways..
Mar 24, 2014 Thomas F15

Technology can provide both public and private entities alike the opportunity to engage with consumers by offering information and services. In my city however, it would seem the business community has gotten the jump on interacting with the public using technology as a tool. Personally, I have used a number of applications (business specific) in order to not only obtain information, but also conduct transactions. I would like to see local government and NGOs provided with the resources in order to engage in the same level of outreach and citizen engagement afforded to the business community. In examining my city's Capital Improvement Plan however, the items listed highest on the budget relate to computers/ICT; for example VoiP technology and updated radio systems for use by local EMS. So despite a lack of visible improvement, it would appear that "behind-the-scenes" work is being done at various levels to improve technology as well as quality of life for local area residents.

More Info:
Fredericksburg Capital Improvement Plan (FY 2010-2014)

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