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Has technology improved your interaction with your city?
Hyper-individualism promotes positive interactions
Mar 21, 2014 Lauren B19

In America, hyper-individualism is rampant. However, for cities this isn't always a negative connotation. With the growth of this need for individualism, technologies have great room to grow and expand rapidly. Self-guided tools in museums are super popular, apps like Next Exit HIstory promote city-wide self guided tours. These all work due to people wanting to explore on their own not dealing with external companies so to speak and having to be in large groups with varying personalities.
However, dealing with all of this "aloneness" technology has also been able to bring people together. Online dating apps like tender that show you who is available within so many miles, and even the more 'traditional' online dating sites are still using varying forms of technology to link people. I think technology greatly enhances cities in the modern era

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