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Does any city you know have a program to become a smart city?
Yes, Curazao
Mar 11, 2014 Jesus A5

i don't know if they want to be a smart city but surely they want, I knew Curazao the last year and when i was there i knew that they are implementing the new technologies to they power lines grid, in the houses the people put solar panels and when they are outside and nobody is in home the people sell to the Electric Company electricity and when they come back, the electric company gives the equal quantity of Kilowatts... Curazao has a lot of tourism so i think they want to be more atractive to the travellers becoming an smart city.

PD. Curazao is the name of the country but the city is Willemstad, but i refer to Curazao because the country is too small, so the technology can be implanted in almost all the country without difficulty.

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