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Does any city you know have a program to become a smart city?
Top Priority?
Mar 09, 2014 Thomas F15

I was honestly unaware whether or not any of the cities with which I am familiar have in place or are in the process of developing initiatives dedicated to "smart" city planning. However, with a quick bit of research I discovered an article which included the results of the 13th Annual Digital Cities Survey. I was surprised to learn that there were a number of cities in my home state of Virginia that made the list; all of which I am familiar with. Virginia Beach, Alexandria, and Roanoke all placed among the "smartest" cities in America.

What I perhaps found to be of more interest were the results of the survey pertaining to "overall city priorities" as voiced by the survey respondents. Topping the list was a desire for "Transparency/Open Government" in smart city planning. Each of the top ranked smart cities have all made accessibility and transparency in the development of their systems top priority. I believe this is the key to the success of any smart city initiative.

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