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Does any city you know have a plan to become a smart city?
Mar 15, 2015 Guan-Ying C

Taipei already ranks among the 21st century’s most responsive cities, considering the progress it has made in recent years to accommodate the lofty demands of its citizens. The economic, cultural and political centre of Taiwan has pioneered a complex transit system, a successful river management strategy,wireless city construction and specialised medical care – to name but a few of its innovations.
Also,Taipei City Government and ASUS join hands to promote City Cloud Applications.Current plans include connecting the database of city government agencies through the use of cloud technology to allow residents to access ubiquitous services.

And there is a website “Smart City, 3D Taipei” allows users to explore the city from a 3D perspective with google earth. Residents will find the city’s administrative achievements, city news, and services on the website.

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