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Does any city you know have a plan to become a smart city?
Some attempts at more direct municipal government
Mar 11, 2015 Laura B102

Metro Vancouver, Canada has a long range plan to reduce the regions carbon footprint. This year, the provincial government proposed a transit tax hike to improve the transit infrastructure in Metro Vancouver. Since transit is an issue of infrastructure and not one readily contributed to by private business and developers, cities have to whip up interest with public input to promote these structural changes. The City of Surrey this month launched a phone/web meeting to get greater input from the public. It also promoted a poll with active phone prompts. This helped identify the key issues on the pro and con side. Many people identified that they would not approve a tax increase if the transit executives continued to make very large salaries. These polls are telling in that they show the public is aware of inequities in governments and that smart cities provide a chance to bring city planning out of the private realm of insiders.

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