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Does any city you know have a plan to become a smart city?
Seattle, WA - decentralized smarts (the hive mind approach ;-))
Mar 16, 2015 Heather K21
Seattle, WA - decentralized smarts (the hive mind approach ;-))

Seattle has long led a lot of "smart" initiatives... for better and worse. (see link 1)

Today, both its close neighbor Bellevue, WA (sort of a 2nd Seattle, on the Eastside - yep, Microsoft territory ; - )) and Seattle are learning to let go a little. There have been pull backs on things like that wifi tracking mishap (see link 2.) and moves towards making tools to let citizens decide the initiatives they want to move forward with.

Along with all of that has been pushes towards things like the tech matching program (see link 3.) and looking to use data from a lot of different sources - moves to draw in the collective intelligence of our varied citizenry and businesses, instead of foist solutions down on our heads. This has resulted in sensor array and data opportunities opening up all around the Sound. (see link 4)

More Info:
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