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Does any city you know have a plan to become a smart city?
Many cities claim to be "smart"
Mar 11, 2015 Pedro A G

Given that being "smart" is kind of a guarantee of good governance and of being "riding the wave" to cities' administrators and planners, the number of cities that are currently "smart" or that are launching an smart project is increasing and increasing in a daily basis.
In example, only in Spain there are 77 cities considered as smart ( http://www.fundetec.es/actuaciones/red-espanola-de-ciudades-inteligentes-reci/)
Nevertheless, the question is how are them acquiring the "smart" label. In many cases, this is done by implementing some techy solutions, disconnected one from each other,.
In my opinion, and as I already wrote in Twitter, these are not properly smart cities. Proper smart cities would be those that use technology as a means to develope a city model based on some given principles, basically: transparency, public participation, sustainability, livability, human rights defence, etc


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