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Does any city you know have a plan to become a smart city?
Kansas City
Mar 14, 2015 Jason S94

Kansas City, Missouri has begun the planning process of becoming a Smart City. By teaming up with Cisco, they want to use more technology to become more aware of citizen activity. With that data, the ultimate goal would be to improve the quality of life. They also envision their Smart City initiative being an economic development tool, creating more jobs and such.

From the articles I read, I gathered that Kansas City plans to become a Smart City in phases, which I think would be the best approach. This way, they can evaluate each step and make adjustments as they deem necessary.

Having been to Kansas City in recent months, I would be curious to see how this plan unfolds. Kansas City is not your typical Midwestern U.S. city, so I think there is real hope for this plan to work.

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