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Do you think online 3D environments are effective ways to engage the public? Why? Why not?
It can (but lets consider the following)
May 26, 2013 walter P1

What is so polarizing about online 3D environments' role in engaging the public?

Concepts of hyperreality date back to 1981 with philosopher Jean Baudrillard's influential Simulation and Simulcara. Hyperreality defined is the augmented simulation of reality (Baudrillard is really critical about this term). The reason why I am bringing up hyperreality is because the ability to interact in online 3D environments truly embodies the term in the 21st century.

So I believe its a mixed response: people will be receptive if they enjoy technologic progress and the traditional crowd that would always prefer to interact in real-time in a physical environment will not support 3D environments' attempt at engagement.

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