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Do you think computer games are useful for educational purposes?
From Hitchikers>SimCity> Katamari... gaming has taught me much
Updated: Apr 20, 2015 Heather K21

...Never forget the babelfish or go anywhere w/o a towel
...You cannot plan for everything...but you can plan to rampage a monster through your city
...Control the spin,control the world

These games and many more taught me things: logic through all the things > read carefully! > better fine motor control.

They also taught me limitations of computers v. humans & a lot about what computers were better at - I revisit that info just about every day.

School games:
- Oregon Trail: Bullets move more slowly than I do (...erm, maybe the better lesson was "manage your resources!"?)
- Num. Munchers: Munch smart to get ahead
- Carmen San Diego: helped inspire a love of sleuth based travel...
- etc.

Really, simple as they were, they touched my life & taught me much.

Today, we are finally figuring out how to move beyond physical definitions in the virtual world + how to better marry up the virtual to the physical. Educational opportunities abound!

(c notes 4 ++exposition)


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