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Did the TechniCity course expose you to a particular topic that you are now especially interested in?
Creating a Digital Database of Shared Objects
Jun 01, 2013 Robert G20

I loved the lecture that was provided by Adam Greenfield. His ideas were inspiring, and in particular the idea that we can begin to use technology to create a database of sharable objects and places throughout the city that will benefit everyone. I have long been wanting to influence social and entrepreneurial innovation by linking people to spaces they require (to run meet clients, deliver presentations, brainstorm ideas, etc.) to accelerate success. Now I have a broader vision that not only links people to spaces, but also to social networks, designers, engineers, and objects that are needed to facilitate change. This is one way technology can transform our current socio-economic culture in cities and assist to drive innovation, encourage interaction and make use of spaces, objects and bright minds that may be underutilized within our cities.

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