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On April 15, 2013 there was a tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. Almost instantly pictures and videos of "suspects" started to appear on the web. Was this a good thing? Do you have concerns?
They are showing who you should be afraid of
May 02, 2013 Cagla Y

This kind of incidents makes us think it is a good thing we have these cameras. And if we think the cameras are a good idea, of course releasing the pictures of the suspects will make chatching them faster. Or, will it? Now that we all know suspects, they know that we are looking for them too. And, releasing the photos publicly isn't like sending photos to police stations. People living in this city see it, and they feel threatened by the people that fits the suspects' profile. Gender, age, ethnicity. If they are proven to be innocent, the image in people's mind isn't erased. They and the groups they belong to are guilty forever. Or the other way, they are the victim and the others are enemies.
I think the aim in releasing the photos should be thought of. Does it serve to ease the investigation or is it just directing fear and anger to a specific point? When people see a person in front of them the guilt is personalized. Is the motivations behind this kind of an attack personal?

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