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On April 15, 2013 there was a tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. Almost instantly pictures and videos of "suspects" started to appear on the web. Was this a good thing? Do you have concerns?
Technology is changing our behavior
Apr 27, 2013 Vedrana H

This is sad how fast technology is affecting us and changing our behavior.
As I can see, people now go to the coffee shop with friend to relax and enjoy in each others company and what happen then? They pull out their cell phones, make check ins, make few photos and the rest of the time they check is there any notification or respond to it. I know few people who are constantly aware of cameras on mobile phones that they are always making "learned default pose" for photographing.
People were more relaxed and spontaneous and I noticed, they weren't that much late to agreed meetings. How to manage that? Technology is inevitable changing the way we live and we have to adapt to it. I guess this is new generation, new mindset.

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