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On April 15, 2013 there was a tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. Almost instantly pictures and videos of "suspects" started to appear on the web. Was this a good thing? Do you have concerns?
Repeating lessons already highlighted in real life and fiction
Apr 27, 2013 foula D

Technology proved to be an effective tool in the identification of and subsequent arrest of one suspect, and the unfortunate death of the other suspect. However, to say the nearly instantaneous postings were a good thing is too easy, too complicated, & too much of a rush to support the fear that has continued to be pervasive across the U.S. & other areas since 9/11.

While technology proved helpful, it was also used to perpetuate racist stereotypes that led to "suspicious" people, perpetuated inaccurate information that ranged from the silly (e.g., Zoey Deschanel was a suspect) to the tragic (Sunil Tripathi from Brown University was wrongly accused as a suspect and his body recently was discovered), & to the constant bombardment of graphic images & acts of heroism.

We must balance a concern for safety with values of privacy. We must not succumb to fear. All of the sci-fi I have read seems to arrive daily with few paying attention to the lessons often outlined in fiction.

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