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On April 15, 2013 there was a tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. Almost instantly pictures and videos of "suspects" started to appear on the web. Was this a good thing? Do you have concerns?
other examples of crowdsourced policing
Apr 27, 2013 Brian E10

Last year, when the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup (hockey) in the final game, we had a typical sports riot. The police set up a website and solicited photos of the riot, then posted the submitted photos and asked for tips in identifying the most violent rioters. In this way, the police used technology and social media for evidence gathering and processing.

Many have stated that concerns about too much police power, but this is self-limiting, as citizens have this technology to watch the police. Recently in Vancouver, a police was caught assaulting a cyclist who ran a red light when he was in custody. This was on social media the next morning, forcing what may have been hushed and forgotten about into a disciplinary issue.



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