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How can "smart cities" address climate change?
Simple answer: Efficiency, Real answer: Much more complex
Mar 24, 2015 Amy D52

Smart Cities can reduce the impact large populations and potentially industry can have on climate change through improving efficiencies based on data. However, Smart Cities do not easily necessarily address resource consumption (rainforest reduction has a huge impact on Earth-level natural processes). Policies, businesses, and individual behaviors needs to be significantly modified, and the technology itself needs to evolve to be more organic.

Also, it's still unclear of how much human activity is contributing to the current rise of temperatures, although we can say fairly certainly that it is impacting it and in a negative way. World climate fluctuates over millennia, and right now it is in a rising pattern. So even if we reduce our waste through efficient cities and all the other levels (individual, industry, national policy), the temperatures may still continue to rise, albeit more slowly.

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