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How can "smart cities" address climate change?
Help with permaculture plantings throughout the city-links incl.
Mar 22, 2015 Heather K21
Help with permaculture plantings throughout the city-links incl.

Permaculture can mean a lot of different things.

A couple key aspects of its ideology that are common to many definitions:
*through thoughtful observation,you look @ the whole,rather than a plant or animal or area, etc&try to balance well
*try to promote flora and sometimes even fauna-from the micro to the macro-that grow well in a particular area,w/minimal extra resource usage to make that happen,w/o overwhelming others

I think there's a lot of room to use crowd&sensor intelligence to observe&interact w/our environs better-to discreetly handle different situations&areas
*maybe have kits that let people easily collect data in their own backyards&around the community
*ez tools for handling the data, etc
*crowd initiatives to promote more balanced plantings around the city-voluntarily,on private & public land,etc
-require fewer resources to begin & maintain
-produce less pollution
-help w/erosion & other issues
-& so help reduce the carbon footprint in many ways

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