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Intelligent Street Light System
Updated: Apr 24, 2014 Ritesh U
Intelligent Street Light System

Here i am using Sensor Technology to save electricity by switching the street lights only when it is required.
We see many times that street lights remains ON during nights even when there is no one on streets. If we have a system which can maintain the streets lights switching only when there is a vehicle or pedestrian on the street.
The benefits of this model is Lower light pollution, Lower energy use and hence more efficiency, significant reduction in CO2, a step towards the smart city, remote monitoring of town like if to check whether there was someone on the streets when a burglary happened in a store etc....
First the sensor detects someone on the streets than it sends data to the processor. The processor can be an only one for all the sensors and street lights which receives data from the sensors and then switch on the corresponding lights. After a while if there is no one on streets in the particular range of a sensor than the processor will dim the corresponding lights and after some time they will be switched OFF. The processor sends a signal to the corresponding relays to switch ON/OFF the lights as processors works on low voltage but lights on high. Here to control all the nearby street lights wireless system can be used to tell the nearby lights to increase intensity or Switch ON but instead of that directly controlling the group of particular lights via controller is more cost efficient and creates less wireless pollution
It there any alternate or better idea than please reply so that i can refine it..


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