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The Best Projects of TechniCity
Improving Traffic Lights Effectiveness
Apr 13, 2014 Dani N1

Traffic congestion is becoming a more and more pressing issue for society and a major concern for urban planners. AlphaGallileo organization indicated in 2010 that currently, in the United States alone, delays linked to backed-up traffic cost nearly $100 billion each year, waste more than 10 billion liters of fuel, and countless human hours. And then there's all the extra CO2 and other pollutants spewed into the atmosphere.

In my project I researched the current situation and the new practical and theoretical solutions for improving traffic in cities. I found that although the investments in improving traffic are immense, there is no promise that traffic jams can be prevented, and the situation might get worse in time.

Of all the suggested solutions I found one to be more original and promising then the rest, and I explain that. I would suggest that my mayor (Haifa, Israel) look into that solution.

In my opinion, more thought and research should be given to this subject.

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