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The Best Projects of TechniCity
ICT regulator
Apr 21, 2014 Anne L12

http://data.gov.sg/AppShowcase/AppList.aspx -
The Start-Up of Smart Cities

1) Topic: What is the issue you want to explore
Issue: The barriers to success that exist for innovative smart city ideas. One barrier is an understanding of how to get an idea to adhere to the protocols, codes, processes and procedures that exist with a local government structure. Mapping a process to navigate these barriers will be critical for entrepreneurs, companies and NGO’s wanting to contribute to Smarter Cities. I want to explore how technology could facilitate better integration between public, private and start-up partnerships. Enabling innovation and making sure ideas get executed.

Aiming to map and learn the process/policy required for an idea to travel through the local government approval process within Singapore to ensure it gets executed. Believe this would also help other Cities to innovate a model for better engagement with local government.

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