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Flexible streets
Updated: Apr 18, 2014 Igor M
Flexible streets

Why building shapes have evolved and urban streets are similar or same from those of some years ago? With technology we will be able to create new kind of streets. Streets that can be flexible to the needs. The need of a street can be clear if we get a clear an specific data, and thats when the technology of nowadays can help us.

In my proposal I project a solution in Viale Monza. A street full of restaurants and shops that hasn't got a big pedestrial space. The solution could be getting street lanes as pedestrial space for some times of the day depending on the traffic that the street has

Here I add you an interesting article. If you are interested in how the streets works you will like it. It's in Spanish but if you are realy interested on it and you don't know spanish just let me know and in some way I can try to explain what is it about. Hope you like it.

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